Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello, I'm Hervé Villechaize for Fantasy Brand Condoms

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

99 Cent Fantasy

While I was looking for off-brand NyQuil at the 99 Cent Store today, I found this box of 12 condoms. The packaging is exactly the same shade of green as NyQuil's packaging -

They are Fantasy brand condoms and the 99 Cent Only store keeps them in stock more or less permanently. There were about four different varieties and four different corresponding colored boxes, but I had to go with the sickly NyQuil Green box because that is the one which contained "assorted colors" and I thought assorted colors was the way to go.

Even better, the condoms' individual packaging does not tell what color each individual condom is, so it's always a total surprise.

I'm trying hard not to open them all up and see what colors they are.

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99 Cent Van (text only version)

I haven't made it to the 99 Cent Store once all month, but I dropped by this morning to pick up a few items for JohnnyC.

I almost brought my camera but decided not too, then I had to kick myself because in the parking lot they had what looked like a 99 Cent Store delivery van! It had the 99 Cent Only logo painted all over it and stenciled on the back was the phrase, "Driver Carries 99 Cents Only".

I think I got some good loot for JohnnyC. I also got more Daddy Ray's Blueberry Bars as well as a pack of Daddy Ray's Apple Bars, a 3-pack of cinnamon gum, some sauerkraut, 6 Snickers bars, and two bottles of juice (one grape and one cranberry).

But, man, I wish I had a camera to get a photo of that delivery van.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been a little dead in here

I haven't stopped going to the Dollar Store. I just haven't bought anything interesting. I've mostly just bought staples, well, not staple staples, but staples.
Anyway, I found these neon diskettes the other day.

Plastic storage case included!
You can never have too many neon diskettes.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cookies From the Dollar Store

I had planned on buying some Daddy Ray cookies today until I noticed that they now come in a smaller 13 ounce package. It looks like Daddy Ray turned out to be the man, so screw him!
So instead I bought a 32 ounce package of Bob Esponja Orange-Pineapple sandwich cookies.

They are very tasty too.