Saturday, April 29, 2006

99 Cent Van (text only version)

I haven't made it to the 99 Cent Store once all month, but I dropped by this morning to pick up a few items for JohnnyC.

I almost brought my camera but decided not too, then I had to kick myself because in the parking lot they had what looked like a 99 Cent Store delivery van! It had the 99 Cent Only logo painted all over it and stenciled on the back was the phrase, "Driver Carries 99 Cents Only".

I think I got some good loot for JohnnyC. I also got more Daddy Ray's Blueberry Bars as well as a pack of Daddy Ray's Apple Bars, a 3-pack of cinnamon gum, some sauerkraut, 6 Snickers bars, and two bottles of juice (one grape and one cranberry).

But, man, I wish I had a camera to get a photo of that delivery van.