Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Ol Glory Energy Drink

Yesterday, Sandra & I stumbled across a novelty energy drink called Ol' Glory ("America's Best Energy Drink") in Orange County's Produce World.

Aside from the 99 cent pricetag permanently painted on the can itself, Ol' Glory is notable mainly for the excessive patriotism of its product packaging.

Each can is wrapped in the U.S. flag & includes a depiction of the American eagle as well as the entire pledge of allegiance printed in large font (with the phrase "Under God" printed in an even larger font than the rest of the pledge) -

"Keeping Americans Strong".

It's a good thing for Ol' Glory that their packaging is so remarkable (and, in fact, I bought my can solely due to the "one-two-punch" of its over the top packaging and the 99 cent price tag) because the product's taste leaves something to be desired.

Ol' Glory includes the standard energy drink components (taurine etc.), but it's initial taste reminded me of drinking Alka Seltzer. The aftertaste was a little more pleasant though, something like lemon-lime Pez.

Ol' Glory Energy Drink ("America's Best Energy Drink") is a triumph of style over substance and I would recommend trying a can based on presentation alone. However, I seriously doubt many consumers return to purchase a second can.

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