Sunday, January 15, 2006

Travel Essential

Can you guess what this is?

It's a motherfucking switchblade toothbrush -

The proper name for this PreciDENT brand "travel essential" is the "Premium Folding Travel Toothbrush Advanced" and it is apparently no toy.

The packaging states Premium Folding Travel Toothbrushes are "ideal" for "the traveler or individual who wishes to brush after each meal".

The handle is described as "elegant" and the rubber grips are said to be "stylish" and "strategically placed to provide a sure grip while brushing".

The packaging also includes this helpful diagram -

Just to let you know it opens the full 180 degrees that would be required for a person to use it.

Finally, the packaging suggests some specific scenarios that would be ideally suited for Premium Folding Travel Toothbrushes -

Great For:
- Traveling
- College Dorm Living
- Desk Storage at Work
- Carrying in a Handbag
- Carrying in a Briefcase
- Gym Bag Essentials

Unfortunately, the 99 Cent Store only carries the Premium Folding Travel Toothbrush Advanced, so I was unable to compare it with the other models. I would guess the "advanced" model stands out from the others due to its stylish & strategically placed rubber grips and the fact that it opens a full 180 degrees, but I would have to do further research which I am not willing to do.

This brush does have one fairly serious drawback - When the brush is retracted, there is no mechanism to keep it in place. So when you hold it upside down, the brush falls out of the handle, allowing the bristles to attract travel debris. If I knew this ahead of time, I never would have purchased it.

As is stands, the Premium Folding Travel Toothbrush Advanced will require a rubberband or something to keep it retracted.

But then again, it was only 99 Cents.

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