Sunday, January 22, 2006

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JohnnyC. said...
Does it mean by shopping at the Dollar Tree that you're selling out on the 99 cent blog?? CONFESS!!!

5:36 PM

Rebel Leady Boy said...
The 99 Cent Blog celebrates all $1.00 and all 99 cent stores of all stripes.

Cali has a fair sprinkling of fake 99 cent and 98 cent stores too, but they are scams. They use that title; but when you go in, everything is regular price. They're usually independent establishments and I've learned to avoid them.

Like "Dollar General" in Indiana was not a true dollar store. I don't think they had anything in there that cost a dollar.

But Dollar Tree is a whole different story! I remember going to Dollar Tree in Indiana and they are fully endorsed by the 99 Cent Blog since everything in there costs a dollar or less.

5:08 AM

Boz said...
We should link The Dollar Tree. There is also a stigma attatched to shopping at the faux dollar stores like the Dollar General or the Family Dollar. If you shop at the 99 cent store or the dollar store it's ok because it is kind of kooky, but the Dollar General and Family Dollar are considered white trashy.

5:33 AM


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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