Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Under $10

Sandra and I found no Thanksgiving decorations at the 99 Cent Store tonight, but look at all this loot we picked up for a mere $9.39 -

Cherry fruit roll-ups, a quart of orange juice (which I drank on the drive home), 4 energy drinks (2 mexican and 2 ginseng), flavored vinegar, a Chop-Chop brand potato peeler, salad seasoning, buttered popcorn flavored Mike & Ike's, a box of Bavarian Dutch (??) style pretzels, and two new fruit drinks (one sour apple and one grape).

The fruit drinks are called Tropical Twisters and the bottle design incorporates a twisty screw theme. The sour apple one is called Green Ghost and it is delicious:

Green Ghost.

So fuck it, who cares if they didn't have Thanksgiving decorations?

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At 1:58 PM, Blogger Jonnie 7-11 said...

While the Mexican energy drink is very good (if "good" = "tastes just like Red Bull"). The Ginseng drinks tasted just like a real ginseng root, complete with dirt. Even at 50 cents, the Ginseng drink is a rip-off. Perhaps I will feed the other can to the neighborhood alley cats.


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