Saturday, August 26, 2006

I have sadly neglected the Jonnie and Boz 99 Cent Blog

These are some of the things I've bought in the last month or so from various Buck Stores.

With the way my neck has been feeling since surgery I thought an inflatable travel pillow would be a perfect purchase, and considering the pillow came with a toothbrush, a toothbrush head protector(the little green thing), and a free sample of Colgate toothpaste, it WAS the perfect purchase!!!

When I was at the Dollar Tree in Alpena I bought the Sherlock Holmes DVD. It contains three full length features from the 1930's and each one stars a different actor as Sherlock Holmes. The movies were so good I watched them all in one night.
Also while in Alpena I stopped in at the Big Lot and purchased three cans of Barbasol Shave Gel for sensitive skin that normally sold for a buck forty nine a can but was in the reduced bin for 75 cents a can. I haven't used any of it yet, but Barbasol is my regular brand so I don't see any problems.

I've bought a lot of other stuff too, but I don't really remember what it was except that I've had a craving for Macaroon cookies lately so I've bought about three packages of them in the past couple of weeks, oh, and I've bought some generic Zantac75 for heartburn, not mine but for MB.


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Jonnie 7-11 said...

3 different actors as Sherlock Holmes!
That is a treasure.

Sandra has an inflatable neck pillow that my Dad sent her for her flight to the U.S.

I had no idea you could find one at such a bargain though.


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